The Pro’s And Con’s of Home schooling

Most parents consider the homeschooling options for their children but are usually unsure on the clear positive and the negative effects of homeschooling.

Here are some pro’s of home schooling:

The percentage of children undergoing homeschooling is rapidly growing in current times. In the U.S. we are seeing a 15% is the growth rate of the homeschooled kids. Children who were homeschooled generally do well on exams, and have a higher chance of being accepted in the parent’s desired colleges or universities.

Most homeschooled children (and parents) have the freedom to decide what to study and realize what they need, when they need, and how long they think they need it.

Homeschooled kids may also have more physical and emotional freedom. Since they are just staying at home, parents generally feel that their child will get a good and focused experience when being tutored at home. Parent’s can also benefit with flexible times and avoid working around school hours, homework, the school timetable. It enables families to go on holiday and do leisurely activities during the working week. They also are free from peer pressure, bullies, and they won’t have a fear of “fitting in” because they can dress and act the way they want to without anybody criticizing them.

Con’s of home schooling your child:

But as a consequence of having their freedom, there are some things that will limit them on being homeschooled. Parents will have financial restraints. For parents that are married, usually one of the parents has a full time job to support the cost of having their child home schooled. That being said, most families who out for home schooling say the price they pay is well worth the flexibility and development of their child’s education.

If a parent does not have a good relationship with their child, then obviously as you will be spending a lot of time together with your child when being tutored, this may not work out well (however on the flip side this may be great for personal relationship growth and bonding).

Another thing to take into consideration is that usually kids which are homeschooled can be victimized and portrayed as outside the norm if they are schooled at home. They will not have a normal social group that will help them develop socially as opposed to seeing school friends everyday.

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