What is Homeschooling?

Nowadays, most of the families prefer their children to attend homeschooling rather than normal private or public schools.

So, what exactly is Homeschooling?

It is basically attending school at home and the children usually were taught directly by their parents or by the hired tutor. Parents choose homeschooling for their children because most of them are dissatisfied with the curriculum of the local schools and that their children were given focused with the academics.

The History behind home schools

Homeschooling or home study started when two American educational professionals, Raymond and Dorothy Moore started to research about the academic validity of the rapidly growing Early Childhood Education movement in 1970s. This includes the studies of other researchers and they declare that formal schooling of children before ages 8-12 are harmful to them emotionally, physically, socially and academically. This was mainly due behavioral problems, bullying and racism. As of today, the percentage of children that are home tutored in U.S. is rapidly increasing from 7 percent to 15 percent each year, according to the National Home Education Research institute and is legal in all 50 states and most of the foreign countries.

Why might a child be home schooled?

Homeschooling is usually a choice for families living in separated provincial areas, for those who are temporarily abroad, and for parents with children who travel as often as possible. Even many adults, performers, and musical artists are taught at home to better fit in their preparation and practice plans. Homeschooling can also cover mentoring and apprenticeship, where a mentor or instructor is with the youngster for a long time, hence getting to know the kid exceptionally well.

Are educational bodies in favor of home schooling?

Homeschooling can also be used as supplementary education and a method for helping youngsters learn in particular subject or accelerate their knowledge. You can even sometimes find that many schools provide options of home schooling for children in high school too. In a few places, an endorsed educational program is lawfully obliged if kids are to be self-taught.

Most states don’t require anything for a child to participate in home tutoring. Hence, it is still important for you to know about the legalities of homeschooling because the law always depends on what state you are in.

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